Oil & Gas

IQA Solutions provides engineering expertise and resources to the petroleum industry throughout the United States.  Built from solid careers with major owner, operator, and engineering contracting firms, IQA’s experience base includes a broad range of design, operations and maintenance expertise specific to the oil and gas industry.

Process and Project strengths are in the following areas:

  • Refining
    • Crude and Vacuum Units
    • Desulfurization
    • FCC, Hydrocracker, Coker
    • Gas Plants
    • Reforming
  • Terminals
    • Tank Design
    • Metering and Blending Systems
    • Scully and SCADA Design
    • Truck, Rail and Marine Loading Systems Design
  • Pipelines
    • Crude and Refined Petroleum Products
    • Oil and Natural Gas Collection and distribution
    • Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Exploration & Processing
    • Offshore Platform Engineering
    • Pump Station Design
    • Oil and Gas Gathering Systems
    • Oil/Water/Gas Separation Systems
  • Biofuels and Renewable Diesel
    • Blending System Design
    • Conceptual Designs Development
    • Plant Conversion Feasibility Studies